After a multitude of requests for more performances dealing with personal social skills, the creators of "Bye Bye Bully" & "The Impro Show" are proud to present "Think Positive".

Through the use motivational songs, hilarious sketches, and regular participatory exercises, students are clearly shown how & why positive thinking works. With the style of presentation altering every few minutes, the audience is kept entertained and focused throughout.

The performance has been meticulously researched, for both motivational effectiveness and its suitability to different age groups. Drawing upon a wide range of sources, it employs recognised techniques from drama therapy and improvised theatre to break down the barriers of inhibition, and gives all students increased confidence about their likely futures.

Teachers, too, will benefit greatly from the show, with many of the exercises and methods outlined in the informative notes provided. They may even find that much of the enthusiasm generated during the performance rubs off through their own "passive" exposure to "Think Positive"!

Whatever programs your school is currently trying to implement, positive thinking will always help you to reach your goals. This performance provides practical methods you can employ to do just that!


Teacher's Notes Available

Build self Esteem !
          Reach Goals !                                                With Friendship and Teamwork !
Suitable:       K/Prep - 6/7   Cost/student:       $ 5.00 + GST
Duration:       50 mins Min students/session:       120
"TIE"   Ph: 1300 851055
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