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What is TIE?
TIE presents a wide range of in-school performing arts experiences which are both educational and highly entertaining. These shows tour to the furthest corners of Australia and now, New Zealand. Join over 500 schools who regularly book from our ever-expanding catalogue of performances.
Why book with TIE?
Educational Value
Our shows are designed specifically for the educational environment they are performed in. Rather than seeing entertainers that simply demonstrate the skills they use in other contexts, TIE performers genuinely perform to and interact with your students. You'll be booking a show with real educational value.
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Remote schools are often hesitant to enquire about our shows, thinking that we probably won't come to their areas.

TIE GOES EVERYWHERE !! Most regions will find that every performance in this catalogue will tour their area at some stage of the year.

Actually, remote schools are very important to us. Without them, our long distance tours would be less viable and far less interesting !

If yours is a small school, unable to meet our minimum requirements, give us a call anyway, and we'll see what we can do!
Into Asia
Into Asia
"A Cross-curriculum Priority, Australia's engagement with Asia is covered in theatre, dance, song, comedy, and more, in history, the present, and the future."
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The Friend Ship
The Friend Ship
"The crew of a pirate ship embark on a voyage in which they discover how to make good friends and keep them. A rollicking tale with practical strategies"
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parliment imge How to Become Prime Minister
"Our democracy made simple for all ages in an interactive theatre experience that is much more than simply a mock parliament."
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cyber bully imageCyber Bully Be Gone
"Modern-age anti-bullying strategies, tackling both internet bullying and phone text bullying. Refreshes traditional strategies, too!"
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"Safety.Net - In this timely and entertaining show, students learn how to use the internet safely. How the web works. How to surf, safely. How to know who you are chatting to"
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Beat Box
More than just drumming, this show teaches students all about rhythm. More than a demonstration, all students create and record their work using the latest looping technology.
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Good Values
“What are values? Why have them? What are the rewards? The entertaining performance that helps students develop their own set of values. A teachers’ request show.”  
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The Enviro Show
“Have fun understanding our environment; our rivers, forests, power, water, global warming, biodervisity, on land and sea. Crazy characters! A balanced view & a positive outlook.”
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Dance Around The World in Eighty Days
"Learn dance steps from all over the world and understand the value of multiculturalism in this reworking of a classic story."
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Bye Bye Bully
"One of our most popular shows, Bye Bye Bully is part play/part games-tutorial, and is a very practical introduction to your school's bullying prevention program."
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Think Positive
"Using drama therapy and improvisation techniques, your students learn to build self-esteem and reach goals. A fast pace combination of sketches, songs and paticipatory exercises that really work!."
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TIE has writers that actually script most of the shows in this catalogue. By returning the survey form provided, you can play a part in deciding what subjects and issues are covered by performances in next year's catalogue. You'll also be giving your school the chance to win a free performance of a show you suggested yourself!
The Impro Show
"Experienced improv-comedy performers create an improvised drama piece, demonstrating the skills, fun and games of this most exciting form of theatre. Students then create their own performance under expert guidance."
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Less Talk More Action
"Mime at it's most madcap - Less Talk More Action has been laugh-a-minute fun for tens of thousands of Australian kids over the last ten years. All types of non-verbal communication are covered, with practical participatory exercises at the end. "
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R & R Bounce Back
"Resilience and responsibility education presented by a combination of human actors and puppets. Catchy songs keep students interested and actively involved. Free CD of songs for fun follow-up."
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Fully Professional
In this catalogue, you will find only the best performers, who turn-up on time, do a fully professional job, and deal with your staff in both a polite and friendly manner.
History of Australia
"Pre Colonial Times - The Convict Era - Inland Exploration - The Gold Rushes of 1850. The Story of early Australia is told through comedy sketches, song and audience participation. Our all time most popular performance!"
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The Best I Can Be
"A healthy lifestyle is promoted through songs, sketches, and regular audience participation. The fun way to learn about good nutrition, physical exercise, a healthy mind, & related issues. A teachers' request show."
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What Schools Think
“A great show! We would recommend it to others. Surrey Hills PS, VIC”

“Very relevant material for us. Children both learnt and enjoyed! Good student participation. Bridgewater PS, TAS”

“It was excellent! The kids really enjoyed it. It also gave the staff excellent ideas about drama in the classroom. Coleambally CS, NSW”

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