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Somebody has asked us in the past so we put it here in case it answers your question.

"What if my school is too small to meet your minimum payment?"
A:If your school is only slightly below our minimum, contact us anyway - if a mutually suitable date is available, we may be able to negotiate. Many smaller schools choose to organise a joint performance with other nearby schools. We can also place you on our "Small Schools Register", which means you'll be contacted when we get another booking in your area, if you're prepared to join with them.

"What sort of venue is required?"
A:A school hall or gymnasium is ideal, but even a double classroom is fine for audiences of up to 140. Indoors is preferred, but schools which have a covered area with at least one wall may also host a performance, if no indoor venue is available. Access to power is always required.

"How much space will the performers need?"
A:A flat floor area or stage of approximately five metres by five metres, plus space for your students.

"How long will the performers need to set-up and pack-up?"
A:The performers will need a minimum of 45mins to set-up their show. It is highly preferable that they have the space to themselves during this time so that sound checks may take place, and the children are not exposed to aspects of the show before it is actually performed. Performers will also need around 30mins to pack-up afterwards.

"What else will the performers require?"
A:All our performances are fully self contained. Some performers may request a couple of additional chairs or a desk, depending upon your venue.

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