This performance explains our evironment at its most basic level, then exa,ines the influence humans are having upon it, both positive and negative. Methods of dealing with environmental problems are demonstrated, with practical suggestions that students can implement themselves. Packed with comedy music and participation. The Enviro show is both fun and educational.

The Earth apeears as a living character, who needs to be kept healthy. Students help diagnose and cure its ailments. Australian issues get special atention eith a focus upon our river systems through the eyes of a pair of crazy native fish. The show winds up in our own backyards with a chance for everyone to make a difference.

A Balanced view and a positive outlook !

Teachers Notes

Suitable:       K/Prep - 6/7   Cost/student:       $ 5.00 + GST
Duration:       50 mins Min students/session:       120
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