Dance your way to every corner of the globe and learn why it is important to have influuences from so many cultures living in our community. Eccentric hot-air balloon adventurer, Phileas Fogg accepts a challenge to create a dance in just eighty days, which must include steps from every continent of the world. He sets out with his comic sidekick and, along the way, learns moves, (as do your students), from Africa, South America, Russia, Japan, & more. Upon his return, Fogg's challengers are enriched by his performance and learn respect for people from other lands.

Your Students will learn from this show :
* New dance steps
* Cultural understanding
An interactive and practical snapshot of numerous cultures, Dance Around The World is more than just a demonstration of dances. With drama, comedy, song, plus audience participation, this performance will be enjoyed by every member of your school community.

Suitable:       K/Prep - 6/7   Cost/student:       $ 5.00 + GST
Duration:       50 mins Min students/session:       120
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