The Best I Can Be

In this action packed presentation, students won't believe that learning about leading a healthy lifestyle could be so much fun! They'll actually want to know 'how', because 'The Best I Can Bbe' shows why!

The balanced diet tongue twister will have you in knots of laughter as food groups are explained. The benefits of increased physical activity are made clear in the "liifestyles of the fit & healthy" interactive chat show segment. Songs, sketches and regular audience participation all contribute to the experience.

For students with a poor body-image or low self-esteem, "The Best I Can Be" is an uplifting experience. The performance is never degrading and deals just as much with the importance of a healthy mind. True to its title, the show is about self improvement, not the necessity of being number one.

In the end, it's all about balance, and a healthy lifestyle is shown to be fun and rewarding , not a tiresome chore. Practical ways for your school to promote good health are provided in the informative teachers' notes.

Teacher's Notes Available

Suitable:       K/Prep - 6/7   Cost/student:       $ 5.00 + GST
Duration:       50 mins Min students/session:       120
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